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Hankook Sansim

In briefly, SANSIM starting from the spirit of mountain is herb  medicine cosmetics using Extract cultivated from tissue of Wild Ginseng grown in the refreshing spirit of mountain and true mind of ginseng-diggers for the skin's restoration and anti-aging.

SANSIM, the first Oriental treatment cosmetics based on Oriental medical science, prevents intensively the aging & wrinkles of skin and help to cure all kinds of skin problems as a fundamental improvement not the temporary effect.

Also SANSIM including the first special ingredient, Wild Ginseng Ext. along with the valid herb ingredients will meet desire of middle-aged people interested in prevention and improvement of aging and deep & fine wrinkles.

In SANSIM, the Oriental herb brand of Hankook Cosmetics Co., Ltd., we use Wild Ginseng Ext.,having far superior efficacy to Ginseng, firstly in the cosmetic industry, contrary to Ginseng used generally in the existing domestic and foreign cosmetics. After this, all women using SANSIM, the first cosmetics prescribed with Wild Ginseng Ext., will personally experience its functional excellency.